#8170 - 3.5 oz Heavy Weight Filler - This offers shape and stiffness in length, width and depth. Good for trapunto, quilting, upholstry, placemats. Can be washed or dry cleaned. Sold in rolls; 60" X 110 yards, 30" X 50 yards, 30" X 25 yards.
#8151 - 2.2 oz Black Heavy Weight Filler - This is used to lend weight and stiffness. Good for trapunto or other filler applications. A thin filler dyed black for use with  dark fabrics. Sold in rolls;
57" X 110 yards, 28" X 50 yards, 28" X 25 yards.
Comfort Cover - A super soft fusible to cover the embroidery stitches on the inside of a garment. This prevents cutaway backing and thread from touching sensitive skin. This is great for baby apparel, lingerie, sports apparel or any embroidery that is irritating or course to the skin. 

A Polyester, circular knit mesh with a Polymide adhesive coating. Easy to use; just cut a piece of Comfort Cover a half inch larger than the overall design, place course side down over design. The slightly bumpy side of the fabric has the fusible on it and dissipates when heat is applied. Using a heat press set at 250 to 270 degress with pressure set at 3-4 bars, a home iron works also, press for 10 to 14 seconds. This is a permanent cover that can withstand machine washing and dry cleaning.
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