Stick 2 - This is the best self-adhesive backing in the market. Made for the hard to hoop items. Peel away the release paper, adhere to the garment, embroider your design then simply tear away the paper. Sold in rolls; 54" X 250 yards, 27" X 110 yards, 27" X 50 yards, 27" X 10 yards, 18" X 50 yards, 9" X 50 yards.

PS10 - Throw away those messy spray cans. This is a unique, one sided fusible with a pressure sensative release paper. Specifically  designed  for applique materials; logos, emblems and patches. Fuse the backing to fabric, die cut the applique design, remove the release paper, place item on garment and embroider or sew it in place. Available in rolls only; 54" X 100 yards.

Soluble Topping - Solvy is an amazing water soluble plastic film that is used on heavy knitwear or high pile material like terry or polar fleece. It prevents the stitches from sinking into these deep fabrics. Used by placing Solvy on top of framed fabric, embroider design, tear away large pieces of Solvy then disolve the remainder by misting lightly with water or steam and blotting with cloth. Available in rolls; 40" X 550 yards, 40" X 110 yards, 20" X 10 yards.

Weblon - 1.5 oz. This is a lightweight, translucent cutaway perfect for sheer garments and finer fabrics. It is used to prevent any backing from being seen and prevents puckering. It makes small lettering look crisp and clean.
Available in rolls;
 60" X 250 yards, 60" X 125 yards or 8" X 8" cut pieces.
Poly Mesh 1.5 oz./CM70 - Transparent stabilizer used to prevent the backing from showing through on lightweight knits and delicate fabrics. Specifically designed to provide extra stability when used with a cutaway to stop puckering. Available in rolls; 60" X 250 yards, 20" X 50 yards, 20" X 25 yards

3D Foam - Used to give a raised or 3D appearance to letters or images. Also known as Puff, these dense sheets are easy to cut or tear. Thickness range; 2MM, 3MM, 4MM. Sold in packs of 20 - 12" X 18" sheets.  Colors: Black, White, Red, Navy, Royal, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, Brown.
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